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The key to good rental property management is to have a complete and well-written Lease Agreement that outlines the terms for the Tenant and outlines the responsibilities for both the Landlord and the Tenant.

Our Lease Agreement

The Envest Realty Lease Agreement has been carefully reviewed by a licensed Florida real estate attorney with over 40 years of experience. It complies with the Florida Association of Realtors guidelines, so it includes all the necessary Florida State Law provisions as well as sections about how a tenant can legally go about breaking the lease so they can move to a bigger house or apartment, or to buy a home. Also covered in our Lease Agreement is a Renters Insurance provision that requires a certain amount of insurance for the duration of the Lease. A section that discusses the move-in and move-out process and the possible costs to the Tenant if they don’t perform well on the upkeep of the rental unit, or decide not to clean it thoroughly before they move out, is another crucial component. An essential element is the Pet Section. Envest Realty accepts domestic pets with some restrictions based on the owner of the property. A Pet Section can be critical to ensuring that pets are allowed only if the owner permits them, and a variety of conditions can be imposed on that permission.

Our lease agreement has been lawyer reviewed and designed to protect you and in compliance with Florida State Laws, the rights of your tenants.

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