Property Management Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We are professional property managers and real estate experts. We understand the sales and rental markets on the Emerald Coast, and we can help you identify the right opportunity. We’ll also prepare you for being an owner of investment real estate and walk you through how our management services can help ensure your success.

Our dedication to working with investors and rental property owners using our redevelopment philosophy and acquisition approach is the difference between us and other real estate sales professionals. That approach includes sharing our experiences and capabilities to deliver a successful project. We are suited for aiding investors in identifying rental properties that are suitable for redevelopment and helping them design the plan and manage the process to a successful conclusion.

Envest Realty is ready to focus on your real estate needs from the acquisition of investible real estate to exit strategies that yield capital gains as the investment’s tax benefits begin to be less beneficial to the owner.

Envest Realty recommends that you let us perform an analysis of comparable properties on the market within the immediate vicinity of your property. In addition to using MLS rental rates, we examine the unit quality, size, features, amenities, and cleanliness.

We limit your research to properties in your local market, which is important because prices can vary dramatically based on location. Because of this, we use proprietary technology and data to provide a thorough rent comparison analysis. By analyzing recent rental listings in the surrounding neighborhood of your property, we can calculate rent prices based on location and apartment size and provide a market rate estimate.

We market all of our available properties aggressively. We will place listings on as many as 21 sites, which includes the most popular rental websites like Zillow, plus we utilize the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

The tenant is responsible for paying all utilities, as well as small maintenance items like changing light bulbs and air filters. We will conduct inspections if necessary, to make sure the tenant is maintaining the home to acceptable standards.

Pest control services are the responsibility of the owner, so professional pest control companies are scheduled for annual termite inspections and quarterly pest control visits.

You’ll keep a percent of your gross rent in a reserve trust account to pay for budgeted minor maintenance and repair costs. Anything costing more than that will not be performed without your explicit permission. Your owner’s property manager agreement terms will determine this course of action. Our team has established vendor relationships to ensure you get the lowest vendor prices and excellent work product.

We employ rigorous tenant screening processes, which will significantly reduce the possibility that your tenants won’t pay rent on time. However, bad things happen to everyone at some point, and even the best tenants can have problems. If a tenant can no longer pay rent or makes a mistake balancing his/her checking account, we will begin the collection process that can lead to eviction. If necessary, we will find a replacement tenant who can afford to pay the rent.

Yes. Envest Realty is a licensed Real Estate Company by the Florida Real Estate Commission. Envest Realty is the “doing business as name” registered with the Florida Secretary of State of under our legal name FWB Florida Properties LLC. We are also members of the National Association of Realtors and the Emerald Coast Association of Realtors.

Pets are allowed only with your permission. We require an additional non-refundable pet deposit. As the owner, you can charge a higher pet deposit. Envest Realty does not allow aggressive breed animals.

We can start managing your properties as soon as you can provide the information we need and sign a Property Management Agreement that establishes a budget for your properties. Contact us at (850) 842-2350.