Repair and Maintenance Services

As part of our property management portfolio of services, Envest Realty handles scheduled maintenance, repairs, and unit preparation for your rental properties. After you become a client, if the property is vacant, we conduct a property inspection, recommend repairs and improvements to ensure you’re getting the best rent rate and prepare the property for leasing.

During your entire relationship with Envest Realty, we will handle all scheduled maintenance and repairs. Each of our owners is required to maintain a cash reserve to support proper maintenance. Envest Realty requires the property owners to approve an operational budget for each unit and written approval for any repairs exceeding the amount for the budget, which is agreed to in the property management agreement.

For repairs that are beyond the capability of our maintenance team or that which require licensed certification, Envest Realty uses independent licensed contractors. Envest Realty always performs a final walk-through inspection with each tenant after the furniture has been moved out and the unit cleaned. We conduct a unit preparation to ensure the unit is ready before each new tenant move-in. Envest Realty confirms that utility services are established for the preparation duties of the maintenance and cleaning contractors.

We only select qualified and reasonably priced contractors with the necessary experience, insurance, and specific expertise required for the work. Years of practice have empowered us with the knowledge of what repairs cost and the time they take. We proactively protect the value of your investment and keep your property at the highest standard possible with regularly scheduled maintenance and preventive inspections.

Envest Realty - Maintenance