What Tenants Want

Most tenants are looking for a rentable property that is responsive to their personal and family needs.

  • Sensible Rent at Competitive Rates
  • Attractive and Clean Property with Modern Features
  • Quick Response to Maintenance Requests
  • Convenient and Safe Location

Sensible Rent
Tenants want to know that their rent is not only reasonable, but it’s also competitive within the market. The tenant wants to know that the rent is consistent with the physical appearance of the apartment or home and matches their ability to pay.

Most people want an affordable rental property that is livable and well maintained. If you have a competitive property that meets these expectations, tenants will also stay longer.

Attractive and Clean Property
Tenants prefer a property that is clean, updated, and attractive. If the property has been well maintained and is modernized, they’re happy to call your property their home. The property should be the kind of place that they will look forward to coming home to at the end of each day.

Quick Response Maintenance
Having the ability to allow tenants to request maintenance and repair services online using a tenant portal is essential to a proper maintenance experience. All tenants want to receive courteous and rapid response maintenance, and to have easily accessible emergency services.

Envest Realty - What Tenants Want