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Investment Properties

Buying Investment Properties
Are you looking for rental property as an investment? We will be happy to work with you and your partners to find the best possible apartment complex or home for your investment. There are many benefits of owning investment properties such as tax deductions where the mortgage interest and property taxes that you pay on your investment property are fully-deductible for Federal and most State Income Taxes. Besides tax benefits, your investment property should also show appreciation in value. If purchased for the right price, your investment property should be a safe and steady investment that will increase in value over time. In addition to these things, your equity will increase in value even if you use some borrowed money to fund the purchase. The equity in your investment property begins to increase as the value of the apartment complex or home increases.

Selling Investment Properties
If you are ready to sell your rental properties, we can help you find the right buyer for your property at the best possible price. Understanding the local and national economy will help you choose the right price to sell your investment property in the shortest amount of time.

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