Prospective Tenant Frequently Asked Questions

Questions regarding Leasing, Rental Homes, Lease Application, Screening, & Rent Payments

Each applicant who will be financially responsible for the lease will pay a total of $45 each, which covers the cost of the Credit Report, Background Screen, and Eviction Screen.

Currently, we use Rent Café to syndicate our rental property listings to over 20 websites. They also handle collecting our rental application and then process the Credit Report with Experian and then use their providers to get the Background Screen and Eviction Report.

The process can happen quickly within hours or can take a couple of days. The difference depends on how quickly we can get references from past landlords and confirmation of employment by your employer.

We process applications based on the order they come in and how quickly each applicant can provide the information we need to make a decision. If the first person that applies has past landlords and an employer who can provide necessary information quickly, they tend to be approved first and can sign a lease first. If that doesn’t happen, then sometimes the second or third person who applies can qualify and sign a lease before someone who applied before them.

Once we have collected all of the information for the applicant and they have qualified, we notify the applicant by email and a phone call.

Each listed property has an available date. Once an applicant has been approved, they are expected to sign the lease, pay the prorated rent and the deposit on the available date of the property. It is up to the Tenant to choose a date to move in. Still, even if they do not move in on the availability date, they are expected to start utilities immediately so that the property can be maintained using the HVAC system, which ensures no mold can grow within the tenanted property due to naturally occurring environmental humidity.

If your application is denied due to our qualification requirements, you will not be offered a lease to rent the property, and we will send you an adverse action letter in writing via email and/or mail.

Application fees are not refunded in any circumstance. If you are concerned that someone might have applied before you, you should give our property manager a call to determine if the property is still available.

All lease agreements for all properties we manage require a security deposit. As a landlord, our property owners are entrusting their property to our management and the care of the property by the tenant, and many things can and do go wrong. The security deposit helps you cover damages, excessive wear and tear, unpaid rent, or other unmet conditions of the lease. The security deposit is safely deposited into a noninterest-bearing account held with an FDIC insured bank.

The security deposit is due on the day your lease takes effect.

Pets are allowed based on property owner rules. If the property owner allows pets, the pet will need to qualify based on the specified conditions. If you have a medically prescribed service animal, you will be allowed to have those animals based on federal and state laws.

Yes, all Pets pay an additional nonrefundable deposit ranging from $250 to $500. The owner determines monthly pet rental fees. The pet deposit is non-refundable, and a monthly fee is the pet rental fee.

If you choose to cancel your application after you have been approved but have not signed a lease you can notify us in writing, via email, or via telephone that you are withdrawing from the application process. If you choose to withdraw your application, we are not able to refund your application fees.

All of our leases are signed using and are electronically signed within 24 hours of being notified that your application is approved, but not until you have notified us that you would like to move forward. You are given 24 hours after approval to provide us with your authorization to move forward.

You receive keys to the property on the day you move in. Two keys are provided, and once the landlord-tenant walk-through inspection is completed, you are provided the keys.

Rent is due on the day of move-in. The rent is prorated for the first month based on the day you move in. The prorated rent and deposits are due on the date of move-in.

Prorated rent and deposits are paid via a personal check, bank check, or money order.